Heathryfold Allotment’s occupies approximately 9 acres of land situated behind Auchmill Road in Aberdeen with around half of that land currently cultivated as allotment plots of which there are approximately 74 full, half and micro plots to suit all levels of ability.

The allotment is privately owned by the Heathryfold Allotment Holder’s Association which is made up of the plotters working the individual plots and run by a committee selected from the current association members.

The association has owned the land since 1950 when it was sold to the association by Seaton Estates.   The land has been well cultivated for over 70 years by generations of plotters.

If you would like to apply for a plot (you may have to join a waiting list for a short time) then please download our plot application form on our Contact Us page where you can find details on how to apply and where to send the completed form.