New Micro Plots Available


After a lot of requests from potential new plotters with little or no experience of gardening who don’t think they can manage a full or half plot, we took the opportunity this summer to convert a full plot into 6 micro plots by constructing raised beds from sleepers.

Our earlier blog showed how we cleared the area and started building the raised beds.  After a few weeks gap partly down to inclement weather conditions, we took a bulk delivery of granite dust from a local quarry and set about laying out the remainder of the raised beds.

Committee helpers then started to lay out and cut to size the green heavy duty weed control fabric in between the raised beds to help suppress the amount of weeds we get in the future on the paths.   We then used a four wheelbarrow convoy system to load up and dump about 10 tons of granite dust into the paths, raked the material level and used our old plating machine to compress the material.

Finally, we cut black polythene to size and stapled it inside the raised beds to make sure no annual weeds decided to try and take over – a never ending battle this year.   Job done and ready for new plotters who are interested in growing fruit and veg but with an easy to manage, small but productive area.

We If these prove popular then we may look to build more in the future.    I am sure you agree they are looking good!


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