Fencing Almost Complete

As you can see, our new fence is almost complete with one small section remaining at the bottom which has been left whilst they do some re-instatement work.

The fence is looking really good but as you’ll see from some of the pictures, ground conditions have been atrocious and  impossible not to make a mess.    The top corner next to Plot 67 is a particularly “challenging” area to say the least.

They have some work to do in order to fill in holes, level some ground, ensure gaps below the fence are removed, get the road in a reasonable condition etc.

We are working hard with the contractors to get this done to at least re-instate the road to no worse than it was before and make sure there are no large gaps to allow small, furry animals (or kids) to gain access through.

2 thoughts on “Fencing Almost Complete

  1. It is lookiong good I was up yesterday & was quite impressed with everything even the west side road looks good but would benefit from compacting with a roller & it would last for a long time please do not take this as a criticism it is meant to be constructive


    1. Thanks for the comments Dave. Only a temporary fix and apparently they did go back and forward with a roller for quite some time but that bit of road looks to need quite a bit of work levelling and compacting yet!


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