Clearing A Path

With some plot changes along the bottom road of the site, we took the opportunity to demolish an old shed that was actually taking up space on the verge where cars are normally parked and was creating a pinch point for vehicles.   We can’t blame the shed – it had been there for over 50 […]

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Micro Plots Ready To Go!

Our new micro plots have all been topped up with top soil thanks to a working party at the weekend made up of committee members.   There was a fair amount of soil shifted in a couple of hours and it wasn’t the lightest of material either with the incessant rain we have been having for […]

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Fencing Work Complete

The fencing work has been completed and the contractors have finished up by tidying up round the bottom of the fence and sowing grass seed in the bare earth areas. The fence looks fantastic and will be a great security feature for the site but as you can see from the pictures below, a couple […]

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Fencing Almost Complete

As you can see, our new fence is almost complete with one small section remaining at the bottom which has been left whilst they do some re-instatement work. The fence is looking really good but as you’ll see from some of the pictures, ground conditions have been atrocious and  impossible not to make a mess. […]

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Fencing Work Continues

All the old fence is now down including the west end fencing and new posts and some sections of fence are now in place.    The road has taken quite a hammering due to the inclement weather and machinery but it will be made good by the contractor.    

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Winter Tree Surgery

A snowy scene at the Allotments with the copse of trees at south east corner of Allotments getting cut back. We’ll get rid of the stumps in the spring but trying to let some light into this corner and re-align and repair the road next year.

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Autumn Sunset At Allotments

Beautiful sunset and sky tonight at Allotments – a proper autumnal scene. Still time to get your plots tidied for the winter and get some of those projects finished that you never have time for during the growing season. You can even plant some over wintering veg to get a head start in the spring.

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