Asbestos Garage Removal

So things are never dull on the allotments.   The first stage in our plan to make a new communal area started with making room for our blue container and decision was made to demolish the old garage at the entrance to the allotments.   It was an eyesore, insecure and had to come down.

When we looked at it we were concerned that the panels may contain asbestos so we got it surveyed by a professional and as we discovered, it was made of panels that contained brown asbestos which along with blue asbestos is the most dangerous kind. Great – just what we need!   It had to go and quickly.


We got a certified asbestos handling company in how demolished the garage and bagged it up to safely dispose of it – we even have the certificate to prove it!

Finally, we had a big gaping hole in the fence where the garage had been so we decided to get a contractor in to replace with a section of pallisade fence but also to take the opportunity to raise the height of the fence and the existing gate to 8 ft.   Bit more of a security deterrent!

A lick of blue paint courtesy of Lindsay and our new entrance is complete but clearly this photo was taken when it was work in progress!   Well done Lindsay – an excellent job!


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