Container Move Day!

So with the better weather now here, it was time to start putting the plan into action to make our new communal area out of what was a piece of waste ground.  First task was to get our two storage containers moved to their new homes.

First to get moved was the yellow container – we weren’t sure if the bottom would survive the move but it did – a few years of life left in the old container yet!

Then it was a delicate operation to move it to it’s new permanent home at the north west corner of the allotments.   Ground prepared and a skillful crane operator and 30 minutes later it was in it’s new home.

Next the blue container and trying to avoid demolishing the old apple tree which did manage to survive.   Next stop – down next to the front gate where the old asbestos ridden garage used to be.

And that’s it!    Everything moved safely thanks to Freelands transport and in it’s new home.   Now it’s time to start clearing this area below – no mean task!



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