Start of the Micro Plots

So another one of our major projects this year was to build six micro plots on what used to be a full plot and then two half plots but we had struggled to get these let this year due to the mess of the plots left by previous tenants.

So the committee decided to invest in new sleepers and set to work clearing the area whilst we had the mini digger and dumper truck on hire.

Job started with scraping off the surface material with the digger.   This good top soil wouldn’t go to waste though – it was going to be used to fill the raised beds!

After a day with the digger and plenty of helpers to level out the ground and take away the weed infested material, we had the area cleared and ready to lay out the raised beds.


Our resident joiner and plotter Jim Ironside then set about laying out the micro plots and bolting them together.   He also scraped off more top soil to fill the beds.    After a lot of hard work (those sleepers are not light!), the raised beds started to take shape.

Finally after a lot of hard work in very wet conditions – the ground was like a ice rink with the wet mud – we had a couple of micro plots built.


We’ll post another blog when we get back to finish these in a few weeks – looking forward to seeing the finished article!

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