Road Works Aug 2020

Maintaining the amenities around the site is an important part of managing and maintaining the allotment site for the benefit of all members of the association. We have now completed the ground works that we started a couple of years back to improve the road access, the road around the plots and some of the parking and storage areas. Thanks to Mark Duncan of John Duncan Plant Hire and his team for the fantastic job they have done around the plots.

We took some photos before the work started and after completion to record the changes and we are sure members will agree that there has been another big improvement in the appearance of the site.

Before and After

Entrance gate
Entrance road
Orchard parking area
Storage Container
Water Tap Area
Towards the communal area
Storage Area
Plot 9e to be

And finally, here is a collection of some photos taken during the work.

3 thoughts on “Road Works Aug 2020

  1. Would like to thank the Committee and Mark Duncan for the excellent work done. The area with the yellow container is next to my plot (20) and was an eyesore which I regularly sprayed with weed killer. Can’t believe the difference and it looks fantastic
    Well done all concerned.

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