Perimeter Road Improvements Completed – December 2021

Perimeter road improvements were made at the west end of the site this week including the installation of drainage and a soakway drain to help with the issues of surface water at that end of the allotments. We also took the opportunity to tidy up a few other areas around the site as well.

South East Corner – widened, resurfaced and drainage installed
Resurfaced and drainage installed – looking back to south-east corner
Soakaway hole next to yellow container – 20 feet deep to reach solid layer
Soakaway hole nowhere to be seen and surface round yellow container relaid
Levelling off the area next to orchard to make a storage area
Area next to orchard cleared, resurfaced and now have a second wood chip storage pile
Top soil storage pile tidied up
Plot 38 skimmed back to bare earth – a challenging plot – ready for next plotters
Plot 38 levelled to make it easier for car parking once we re-seed the patch of earth

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